What kitchenware is included in a charter?

In general, we try to stock each boat with what you would reasonably expect in a vacation rental.  Glasses (plastic), 4x large plates, small plates and bowl, coffee mugs, cutlery, knives & spatulas, can openers (2), pots and a frying pan.  We’ll aim to have one full set of flateware per person the boat would normally sleep.  We do try to go overboard though, and most of the time you’ll find serving bowls, wine glasses and more.  If you need anything specific, please ask – our ultimate goal is to keep you from having to bring your full kitchen from home.

Can we stay at the dock for the first night?

We are happy to add a sleepover option to your contract for $150 plus tax per night.
It allows you to stay at our docks while you provision and get settled in.

Do we have to bring bedding and towels?

We will provide all the linens and towels for any charter of 7 days or longer. The linen packages are available for shorter charters for small fee. Sleeping bags are also available for rent.

Do you provide provisioning?

We are located at Granville Island, in the heart of Vancouver.  Vancouver’s biggest open market is just few steps from our docks. You will find a great selection of fresh fruits. veggies, meats, seafood and other local treats there.
There is a No Frills grocery story within a couple of blocks of Granville Island as well.
In addition to groceries you will find specialty wine stores, Granville Island Brewery, coffee shops, bakeries and gift shops on Granville Island.
If you prefer to have all your provisions on the boat before you arrive there are couple of options for online ordering and delivery right to our office. We are happy to place your order on the boat for you.

Where should I go on my boating vacation?

We are fortunate to have one of the most beautiful and varied cruising grounds of the world at our doorstep. We are happy to help you create a customized itinerary taking into consideration what type and size of a boat you choose and how long you want to go boating.
Our staff have over 30 years of local boating experience and continue to explore local areas on their own boating trips.

How far in advance should I book?

We will take advance bookings on charters of 3 days or longer. If you want to charter for less than that you would need to contact us few days prior to the date.

What is your cancellation policy?

Life happens and sometimes plans change. You can cancel by written notice up to 60 days prior to the start of the charter date. We will refund your deposit minus 10% of the total charter fee. If you need to cancel within 60 days of the charter we will refund all or whatever portion we can resell of your charter dates.

Why do I have to pay a refundable security deposit?

All of our charter boats are covered by full liability insurance but as bareboat charters operated by customers or their hired crew we still require a damage deposit.
The security deposit is fully refundable and will be returned within 5 days after completion of your charter provided the boat is returned in satisfactory condition.
The charter customers signing the charter contract are responsible for the boat while they have it, including when they have hired a captain, crew or an instructor.

What are bareboat charters?

Simply put, a bareboat charter is when you rent a yacht, with no crew or provision included as part of the rental.  The boat renters are are responsible for taking care of crew and provisions.
In order to be able to bareboat charter a vessel you will need to provide us a boating experience background showing that you have operated a similar size and type of a vessel in ocean waters and that you have navigational and safety skills.
If you do not have the required skills we are happy to help you with contact information for local captains and crew.

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