Gulf Islands in 7-10 Days

Itinerary for Granville Island, Vancouver to the Gulf Islands in 7-10 days

For 8 days or longer adjust itinerary by spending more time at any place or exploring other destinations in addition. Happy Gunkholing!

Day 1

Head across Straight of Georgia to Silva Bay on Gabriola Island. Silva Bay has two marinas. Unfortunately the restaurant and bar are closed due to fire. Anchoring in Silva Bay is not recommended due to the large amount of private mooring buoys. Good anchorage can be found nearby at Kendrick Island. Drumbeg Provincial Park on Gabriola is a perfect place to stretch legs and easy to get to by dinghy.

Day 2

Time to get through Gabriola Passage. Time your departure from Silva Bay to slack or close to it. Follow the markers and your charts very carefully. Once you are through head to Pirates Cove Marine Park on De Courcy Island.

Tricky entrance but a great stern tie anchorage waits for you inside. There are dinghy docks on both sides of the cove for easy access to the great trails. Have your kids go find the treasure chest and find themselves a memory of the cove. Parents please bring something small for the next boatload of kids to find.

Day 3

Conover Cove or Princess Bay on Wallace Island. Watch for reef at the entrance of Conover Cove and only enter at high tide. Anchor with stern tie line. Great trail between the two anchorages. Explore around the old orchard and bring a container for picking the plums and apples if you are lucky enough to arrive at harvest time. Check out the impressive boaters shed full of carved and painted drift wood boat signs

Day 4

Time to stock up and eat out? Ganges on Saltspring Island is the place to be. For those not wanting to spend the night at the dock Long Harbour is just around the corner and offers good anchoring options.

Day 5

Lets keep going South and head to the charming Bedwell Harbour on South Pender Island. For those looking for some pampering the Poets Cove Resort and Marina is just the right place. With a pool and a hot tub available to marina guests it’s hard to beat this popular destination.

Day 6

Back to boating today. Start the long journey to Howe Sound early and time your arrival at Active Pass for slack tide or close to it. Destination Gibsons Landing or Plumper Cove on Keats Island to allow more time to relax on your last day.

Day 7

Enjoy your last morning on the boat. You now have time to go for a walk, swim or just relax as you don’t have to leave for your trip back to Granville Island until after lunch.

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