Charter Yacht Management

Placing a boat into a charter fleet is a great way to reduce the cost of ownership. Your boat can generate revenue to cover insurance, moorage and operating costs.

All of our boats are privately owned yachts. The owners of these vessels trust their investments in our hands and we take that privilege seriously. Each vessel is evaluated for it’s needs of care and it’s unique opportunities in the charter fleet. Preventative maintenance and full check in after each use of the boat including an independent dive to check the hull and running gear help us keep the boats in immaculate shape and charter ready.

In addition to the Maintenance program we also clean and detail the boats when required or on agreed schedule, increasing your boating time as you will be arriving to a clean and well looked after vessel.

Our Charter Yacht Management program is geared to market and sell as many or few weeks of charters as you wish or to just cover costs, it’s totally up to you the owner. Boats don’t like to sit at the dock for months on end so if you don’t have the time or opportunity to use your boat very often chartering might work for you. Out of town owners can get a peace of mind knowing their investment is being taken care of while they are away.

Give us a call if you are interested in placing your boat into the charter fleet or if you have any questions about Charter Yacht Management.

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